How to hit a million impressions on Instagram with no ad spend

What do you know about Power Likes and organic engagement? Instagram is undoubtedly a hot topic and some have called it the new Facebook as, the social photo community is making stars, creating personal brands, along with capturing the world’s moments, and our attention.

70% of businesses use Instagram, and everyone is battling for attention in the form of followers, engagement, comments, views, DM’s, and of course, likes! <3

As Instagram’s Algorithm continues to adapt, it is becoming more and more difficult extend the reach of your account on this very competitive landscape. The struggle for gaining followers and engagement is real.

It can be a daunting process to set yourself apart from the rest of noise on the gram (Instagram), and getting eyeballs on your content is not always easy, even if you have built up good follower numbers.

Instagram’s paid advertising platform is one of the most powerful targeting methods in existence to reach new customers, and can be an easy option to increase your reach.

However, this comes at a cost. Targeted impressions can be very costly. We had a a quick fiddle with the in-app Instagram ‘promote’ option to give an idea of cost –

If you spend £4,000.00 via Instagam’s in-app promotion tool for 1 day of promotion, Instagram estimate that 660,000–1,700,000 will see your promoted post.

Instagram Ad quote

That’s a big cost there. Yes, its targeted and can be very accurate based on who’s providing you the data. However there are organic methods you can use to increase your impression and influence. I’ve got a little hack that might just be able to help you. It does require a little bit of work to prior to executing, but will be well worth it when the results start coming in. There is a relatively unknown hack for some, called Power Likes (like engagement pods). Using this method will increase the chance of your posts going viral on Instagram.

You may be thinking; Power Likes, what are such things?

And how exactly are they different from regular likes?

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