Instagram Engagement Pods

Instagram’s Algorithm changes all the time, & they’ve adjusted it a lot over the last year.

In the past Instagram showed posts in Chronological order, which was a huge opportunity for anyone willing to put out regular content to get huge visibility.

But now it’s more like Facebook, so the more popular posts get shown first, based on what you’ve engaged with in the past, so essentially your followers are more likely to see your future posts if they’ve engaged with your posts before.

The more engagement they’ve had with you the more likely your posts are to be shown higher up in their Instagram feeds in the future.

Influencer Swap launched almost exactly a year ago to help Influencers get more engagement on their Instagram pages, and create communities of fashion and beauty influencers from around the world. . . They've quickly built a big network with reach of 100M+ followers.

Back then most comment pods took place inside Instagram DM groups, and Influencers in different niches who would all help each-other out by liking and commenting on each-others posts, in small groups with a maximum of 15 members.

But pretty soon people realised you could create groups on other platforms with no membership limit, and today most engagement pods can be found on Telegram, which is an app a bit like WhatsApp. Telegram is a free, cloud based instant messaging service created by Pavel Durov who is dubbed the "Mark Zuckerberg of Russia” - The app has over 100 Million active Users. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is a cloud-based messenger with seamless sync. As a result, you can access your messages from several devices at once, making it easier to like & comment from a laptop or desktop. Communications via Telegrem are also highly secure>

Comment Pods within Telegram have blown up relatively recently, and serve a number of purposes:

  1. Meet and network with other active Instagram users and influencers in your niche.

  2. Get more likes and comments on your posts, which gives you:

    1. Social Proof - It’s a real thing.

    2. Better visibility - Like Facebook, Instagram show your posts to more people if you get likes and comments soon after posting.

    3. Increased reach - The followers of the accounts who engage with you will see that they’ve liked your posts, which gives you more reach, especially if the accounts in your group have lots of followers.

  3. Comment pods are a great place to meet and build relationships with Influencers

SO where can you find these magical comment pods? 🦄

Most of the best comment pods live within Telegram app.

They’re pretty easy to find if you look up things like:

  • iGains

  • Influencer Swap  

  • Explore

  • FuelGram

  • IG Explore

  • Republic System

  • VGN

  • ETN

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If you'd like any further advice on joining influencer groups, growing your Instagram audience, or becoming an influencer we'd love to hear from you, just drop us an email!