10 Growth Hacking Tactics

10 growth hacking tactics

Many startup businesses face a similar problem, they’ve created a product that no one uses. Those that are lucky may find themselves with an article online and a few initial users, but very rarely do new products gain mainstream adoption straight away. 

So, we decided to share 10 growth hacking tactics that will actually make a difference.

1. Get Blogging

Blogging is one of the most essential growth hacking tactics out there. Consumers want content and a blog is a key way to provide this. By sharing great content, you may be able to convert customers to your products and way of thinking.

2. Build an email list

You may hear lots of people raving about social media but, email is extremely powerful for lead generation if used correctly. It may be one of the oldest techniques in the book, but it's still growing and it is still considered one of the best marketing methods. 90% of UK mobile users have outlook or exchange as their most used app.  

3. Guest Post

Now we turn to link building. Link building is a bit more tricky than it used to be, but, it can still be easily done as long as you have the right techniques. In our opinion, the best way to get some links is to research the best websites in your field and contact them asking to provide an article. If you can create high quality content, you will get the growth you are looking for. 

4. Work With a Professional

You could also look at working with a professional growth hacker. But, do your homework, don’t trust everyone that has the title growth hacker. In a world where it is trendy to be a social media expert or growth hacker, make sure you see previous results. 

5. Offer Freebies

It is a well known fact that people love a freebie and offering a freebie is a very quick way to increase your initial fans. It worked for Hotmail, they offered free email and within six months they had over one million users. 

6. Encourage Referrals
Word of mouth and referrals can work wonders for your business. Plus, one of the great thing about word of mouth and referral programs is that it can generally work for every type of business, from hairdressers to online platforms. By offering your current customers something extra if they refer another customer to you, you can grow your customer base quickly and relatively easily. 

7. Offer Exclusivity

People always want to be part of an exclusive club. By making your business exclusive, your appeal will increase. Pinterest is a fantastic example of this. When it first launched it was invitation only which created a huge buzz online. Now the site has over seventy million users, proving exclusivities worth. 

8. Create a Competition

Not only are competitions a great way to increase your following or subscribers, but they can also help you build on those email lists we mentioned earlier. Use competitions to collect information that you can utilise later on. 

9. Get Social

By appearing on social media not only are you building brand trust, but you can also check out your competitors social media pages and reach out to their followers and fans. Not only will you grow your own following by doing this but, you will also be interacting with people who have a clear interest in your business. 

10. Send Email Reminders

For those people that have abandoned their shopping carts without paying, drop them an email. Many people can become distracted whilst online shopping and a short email can point them back in the direction of your page and can help finalise the sale.

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