10 Growth Hacking Tactics

Many startup businesses face a similar problem, they’ve created a product that no one uses. Those that are lucky may find themselves with an article online and a few initial users, but very rarely do new products gain mainstream adoption straight away. 

So, we decided to share 10 growth hacking tactics that will actually make a difference.

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Why Growth Hacking isn't just for start-ups

When most people hear the words growth hacking they generally think of two types of businesses; tech companies or start-ups. Not many people will think of established businesses.

This is generally because many of the success stories to do with growth hacking have come from a number of well known companies including; Airbnb and hotmail who utilised growth hacking tactics and received a huge amount of success in their start-up days.

Does this mean that growth hacking is just for start-ups? 
No...Not at all!

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Why Startups Should Consider Growth Hacking

If a surge in customers isn’t enough to persuade you that growth hacking is good for your startup, then maybe our next point will seal the deal. After all, did you know that growth hacking can help turn people into loyal customers? When growth hacking is done effectively, you can ensure your customers are hooked on your product and your brand. 

Getting a few sales initially is relatively easy, but if you want to be in it for the long haul then you need to be on people’s mind all of the time. 

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